Bee Propolis Liquid Extract

Lovita Bee Propolis 500 mg, Ultra Strength 9:1 Propolis Extract, Alcohol Free Propolis Liquid, Natural Immune Support Supplement for Seasonal Defense & Sore Throat Relief.

NATURAL IMMUNE SUPPORT: Propolis is naturally rich in antioxidants. Lovita propolis supplements are natural, pure products that are third-party tested to ensure quality.

Our bee propolis liquid extract is alcohol free and tastes mild, not irritating. Zero impurity, no added sugar. It's great propolis for kids.


  • REMIUM PROPOLIS EXTRACT: Lovita propolis liquid is collected by beekeepers from active, healthy hives. It is a natural antioxidant and provides immune support. 
  • HIGH CONCENTRATION: Lovita propolis liquid are 9:1 highly concentrated. It possesses 18% bioflavonoids which offer benefits support immune health. 
  • ALCOHOL FREE & HIGH QUALITY: Lovita propolis liquid is alcohol free with mild tastes. It's suitable for kids because it’s zero impurity and no added sugar. 
  • BEST PRODUCT FROM A TRUSTED BRAND: Lovita propolis liquid is produced in Canada under the standards and guidelines of GMP.

  • Supplements Facts

    • Serving Size 1ml
    • Servings Per Container 30
    • Amount Per Serving: Bee Propolis 500mg (18% Bioflavonoids)
    • Alcohol FREE
    • 9:1 High Concentrate