Chlorophyll Liquid 7200mg

  • 🌿 【HIGH POTENCY CHLOROPHYLL】 - Our Chlorophyll Liquid Drops contain high potency 7200mg of effective chlorophyll in one bottle, which provides rich Chlorophyllin with Copper. 
  • ✅ 【ADVANCED ABSORPTION FORM】 - Liquid chlorophyll form is known as a better and more efficient way for body absorption. You can simply intake flesh chlorophyll mint liquid or add this chlorophyll drops to water as chlorophyll supplements. 
  • 🌿 【DETOX YOUR BODY NATURALLY】 - Natural Chlorophyll helps flush out harmful toxins and gently detoxifies your intestines to keep your digestive system. It improves gas relief and constipation. 
  • ✅ 【POWERFUL IMMUNE SUPPORT】 - Made from natural Mulberry leaf for supporting liver function & immune system, which power up your day up; Unlike the way of caffeine supplements and other stimulants. 
  • 🌿 【GMP CERTIFIED QUALITY】 - We take quality as the first priority, therefore, our chlorophyll liquid drops are made in Canada. We guarantee our quality standard is totally free from alcohol, GMO and artificial preservatives.



High Potency 

Superior 7200mg in a bottle, high concentrate for your need. 

Natural Source

Natural Source 

Made from natural mulberry leaf for extra benefits and health support. 

Immune Support

Immune Support 

Embrace a better life with the protection of chlorophyll liquid. 



Refresh your body with the gift of nature. Experience a bright new day everyday.

Chlorophyll Liquid Drops 7200mg 

100% All-Natural Concentrate, Mint Flavor

  • 2 oz (60ml), Vegetarian
  • 1-2 Drop once a day
  • 60 Servings
  • Chlorophyll Liquid Drops 7200mg
  • Digestion & immune system support
  • All natural formula & vegan friendly