ChagaPURE® Extract Capsules

Each capsule comprises 200 mg of ChagaPURE®, a 100% wild, full-spectrum Chaga mushroom extract standardized for a minimum of 65% polysaccharides. This is equivalent to 4 grams of Chaga, encompassing the complete spectrum of water and alcohol-soluble phyto-compounds. Non-active ingredients include magnesium stearate and lactose.


Experience the world's purest and most potent Chaga mushroom capsule, renowned for its array of benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties • Anti-oxidant properties for revitalization and anti-aging
  • Anti-ulcer and anti-gastritis properties
  • Natural BRM - Biological Response Modifier and adaptogen
  • Support for the cardiovascular system
  • Maintenance of blood sugar levels
  • Anti-cancer adjuvant properties

  • PER CAPSULE CONTAINS 200 mg ChagaPURE®, 100% Wild, full-spectrum Chaga mushroom extract. (Standardized for 65% min. polysaccharides).  
  • Equivalent to 4 grams of Chaga which contains the full spectrum of water and alcohol-soluble phyto-compounds.
  • Non-active ingredients: magnesium stearate, and lactose.


  • Adults 16 years and over: Take 1-3 capsules per day or as directed by your physician.